Journey through Genre

Journey through Genre is an academic writing resource developed in Kyoto, Japan as a tool for improving university student writing proficiency in an academic register. Structurally, the texts might appear basic, however the models can be applied to even the most complex texts.

Writing in Color

Writing in Color will take you through the ins and outs of using color to understand how sentences can be constructed using authentic English and avoiding translation software. While this process may seem overly simplified at first, it can be applied effectively to even the most complex of academic structures.

Describers and Qualifiers

Describers and Qualifiers will explain how to incorporate describing adjectives before a noun (nominal clause) to add detail to RED and BLUE, and after it (nominal phrase) to construct richer noun groups and increase academic writing proficiency.

Personal Recount: Major Moves

The Personal Recount is a great way to embrace academic writing while ensuring that your story is shared. Writing something deeply personal can be a way of illustrating the importance of a topic. While the model used to explain how to construct this text type might seem less 'academic', it can be used as a guide for developing a personal recount to be used as an example of a learning experience.

Audio and Visual Resources

Additional Resources